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AbiWord is freeware word processor, is an Open Source based software
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AbiWord is freeware word processor, is an Open Source based software; it could be use anyone without restrictions. The software was originally developed by the SourceGear Corporation, and that is maintained by volunteers. The developers of the software are always adding new features to the code of this application that is quite mature and very stable.

It is like a WinWord Application of the Microsoft Office suite, it has multiple functions. You will find options to modify the format, the view of the document, font selection, table management options and a spell checker.

The software it will let you include plug-ins to add functions to it, as the inclusion of images, support of different types of files; the export and the insert of this files, the online search in the Wikipedia only encyclopedia and others. It also allows the mail merge into the files. It is very basic but with complete functions of those basic options.

The software is supported in multiple platforms, some of the Operating Systems that support the software are: BeOS , FreeBSD, Linux, MacOSX, Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 until Windows XP, NetBSD, QNX, and Unix.

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  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Use
  • Multiple Options
  • Supported In Multiple Operating Systems


  • You need to include plug-ins to get the support of some options that are basic options in other software’s
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