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AbiWord is a useful word processor and a cross platform supported application
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AbiWord is a useful word processor similar to MS word, but is rather a cross platform supported application. A good aspect of this software is its interoperability and wide range of platform supported such as MAC OS X, all windows platforms, QNX Neutrino 6.2 meaning almost every other operating system.
Moreover, AbiWord is capable of reading and writing all kinds of standard document types including the Microsoft Word documents, OpenOffice.org documents, WordPerfect documents, RTF, HTML, web pages and lot many others as well.
Along with the usual spellchecker as in case of any word processor, AbiWord comes with multiple language options of over 30+ language dictionaries in it, including the ones like Arabic and Hebrew as well.
It also has impressive Mail Merge capabilities, and possesses an effective command line interface to be used in server environment, making it possible to print or convert documents into any form.
Besides, it has a plug-in system designed to extend the functionality right from Document Importers, Thesaurus, and Image Importers down to a Text Summarizer.
Overall, AbeWord is a good word processing software just lacking certain advanced features of MS word, but multi-platform support is a big plus point.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Multi-platform support, mail merge and enhanced plug-ins


  • Lacks certain advanced features of MS word
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